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I am excited to announce that I am joining the Radio Ambulante team as their Spanish Language Education Coordinator // Coordinadora de educación en español.

I am looking forward to working with a group of people whose work I have been admiring for years (need proof? Look here) and from whom I know I will learn a lot.  I’m not quitting my day job, rather, I am adding this to my teaching practice as a way to deepen my understanding of teaching with radio, teaching listening and teaching culture…and as a way to support fellow teachers who currently use or want to use RA in the classroom.

This summer, and along with Silvia, Claudia, and Daniel, I hosted a series of meet ups for language teachers who already use Radio Ambulante in the classroom.  The idea here was for the teachers to share with each other as well as members of the RA Team what they were doing with the RA stories.  We were amazed and awed by the work that is happening in classrooms all around the country and the many different ways in which these stories can be used to better our students’ understanding of language, culture, politics, historic, regional slang, linguistics… the list goes on and on.

This month I will be presenting about my work with Radio Ambulante in the language classroom at the AATSP conference in Denver, as well as and organizing an informal get together there on Saturday afternoon.  Will you be there? Are you interested in sharing how you use these crónicas with your students? Just want to learn more?  Come find me at my session (8:30 a.m on Friday 7/17)  or leave a comment below if you want to connect in Denver!

In August, with the help of the RA team, I will host more online meetups, so if you would like to join us, meet other teachers and learn about how Radio Ambulante plans to support teachers going forward, share ideas with other members of the RA team, please sign up using the google form below. You can also access the form here  as well as here.

I am really excited  (Yeah like this kind of excited ) about this next chapter!


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Barbara is a Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at a small liberal arts college in Maine. Rumor has it this was also her alma mater. She used to work for a small liberal arts college in the cornfields of Ohio for almost 20 years as a teacher and language center director. Prior to these adventures in higher ed she taught high school Spanish and loved it. She wishes she had more time in her life to play with her dogs, write, read, swim, do yoga things and making stuff out of clay. To see her online portfolio please click here!


  1. Paula Gutierrez · August 7, 2015 Reply

    Hola Barbara! Congratulations on this exciting new step!

    I attended your presentation in San Antonio last year, and I am so grateful to you for introducing me to Radio Ambulante! I have been spreading the word about RA to just about every Spanish teacher and speaker I run into…

    I experimented with using RA in the classroom last semester, and would love to participate in these online meet ups you’re planning. I have already sent my info through the google form above, but I was so excited to send it in that I forgot to mention that *all* the ideas I used in my pilot experience with RA were copied or adapted from your lesson plan for “El equipo fantasma.” Gracias por compartir tus ideas!


    • Barbara · August 10, 2015 Reply


      Thank you so much for writing! I am delighted to know that what I created with my students was useful to you and your students. We are planning for the August meetups now so I am glad you have signed up. We will be in touch! Hasta pronto and keep spreading the word!

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