LLU Live #3: Radio and the Language Classroom

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radioThis week in our LLU Live (4 p.m. EST on Thursday October 17th),  we are going to talk about using the medium of radio for language learning.

If you have been following LLU you will see that I have been talking about using Radio Ambulante’s amazing shows in my conversation class.  RA’s shows are broadcast as radio shows, but are also available as podcasts via iTunes or on Soundcloud.  For second language learners, the ability to stop and start the audio is a salvation, because real-world, real-time audio is sometimes really challenging to understand. (Confession: it’s sometime hard for me the teacher to understand every word, which is why I think it is exciting to use it in the classroom…EVERYbody’s brain gets stretched!)

What I haven’t had the chance to blog about is how my students, with the support of our amazing college radio station WOBC, are also making radio shows as a part of our conversation class curriculum.

See? There we are! On the WOBC schedule! Tuesdays at 5 p.m. EST!

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.00.43 PM


So, to recap: In this week’s hangout I would like to share what we’re doing with radio but I would also love  to hear from others who have used radio as a part of language teaching and learning.

Here’s some info on how you can join in live!  We promise: the get together will last no more than 30 minutes, and everyone is invited to share!

Thursday evening:

Here is the video!  Add your comments!

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