I thought I would share a great clip I found on YouTube from Mary Ann Mengel from a Center for Learning and Teaching in the Penn State system. It gives a great overview of educational uses of Second Life including educational locations, tools, and learning archetypes that are applicable to Second Life. This is a great clip for a “n00b” to find some inspiration:

One thing the video discusses that I wanted to share is a tool named Sloodle — an Open Source project which combines the Moodle learning management system with the Second Life multiuser virtual environment. Just to give you one of several possible examples, an object in Second Life could be easily programmed to ask quiz questions of your students’ avatars who are visiting a site you had created. Their responses would be sent back to Moodle to be graded and stored. Take a look at the graphic below (from SJSU’s School of Library & Information Science MUVE Wiki) to see some of the other possible nexus between a MUVE and an LMS (ahem…Blackboard?….hello?):Sloodle

Doug Canfield has been running an "other-minded" language center down in the Tennessee Hills for about 8 years. A lapsed (recovering?) medievalist and French teacher, his passion now involves emerging research paradigms for exploring language instruction and learning, especially in virtual worlds. His goals include fostering the use of technology for instruction, communication, collaboration, and recreation. His alter ego sometimes blogs elsewhere.

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  1. » Second Life Mozuku · March 4, 2008 Reply

    […] how rich SL is becoming. One really interesting development mentioned in the video and also on the Language Lab Unleashed blog, is Sloodle, an open-source application that combines Second Life with Moodle. For those of us who […]

  2. Daniel Livingstone · March 5, 2008 Reply

    Thanks for the Sloodle mention!
    Sloodle is currently at version 0.2 – a working if rather basic collection of tools. Excitingly, there are already a few educators using Sloodle as part of their teaching practice in Second Life – and we have also started running ‘Sloodle 101’ classes in Second Life to explain the concepts and tools to new users. (Currently every Wednesday at 2am and 2pm PST)
    See for more details!

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