MoodleMooting at the Marriott

Good morning from Denver, folks!

I’m attending a NITLE-sponsored Moodle Users Group, and we kicked off the conference last night with a presentation by Jason Cole, author of the book Using Moodle. He made a couple of really interesting (read: controversial) points, including that, like Apple, we as educators should be looking to put ourselves out of business every five years … or someone else will. But that’s not easy for anyone, especially if it’s true that:

…faculties seem inclined to use research and experimentation to understand and improve every institution, process, and human activity except their own.
Our Underachieving Colleges: A Candid Look at How Much Students Learn and Why They Should Be Learning More (Derek Bok)

But as someone asked of Jason at the, ahem, business meeting at the Rock Bottom brewery, how can anyone really expect educators to support a strategy that would essentially replace them? Even if you do buy into that strategy, where can / does Moodle fit? So we’re off with a bang … Jason said he’ll be posting his presentation on Slideshare (I’ll post the link here when he does) so y’all can see more of the issues he raised.

Happy Friday!

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