Digital Storytelling and the L2 Curriculum

I recently gave a talk on digital storytelling for the Associated Colleges of the South. The focus of the talk was to portray the range of possible activities for language learning. You can watch it here: http://blcollaboration.wordpress.com/2013/11/2...

Mapping the Taiping Civil War

This semester I’ve been helping Susan Fernsebner, UMW professor extraordinare, with her section of HIST 297: History Colloquium. This course serves as “an introduction to the methods historians use to analyze the past,” and all three sections, each taught by a different member of the department, are focusing on digital skills not as an add-on, but as…

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Tag, You’re It: Language Learner Motivation, Identities and Agency in Computer Gaming Spaces

I was recently invited to give the fall keynote for the FLTP (Foreign Language Technology Program) at the fantastic ALTEC at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Here’s the video: http://altec.colorado.edu/speakers/Kronenberg-10-2013.shtml And here’s what the talk is about: “Tag, You’re It: Language Learner Motivation, Identities and Agency in Computer Gaming Spaces” (Presentation available here) Research on […]

Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is an interesting and very creative iOS game available in English and German. Simply switch your iOS language settings and the game will load in the chosen language. There’s also an Android available. The game is a series of scenarios, each of which gives the player tasks that can be solved in a variety of […]

Already got a domain? I challenge you to reclaim your server.

It started with a chai latte. The other day, I was poking around the list of apps available for automatic installation for Domain of One’s Own participants. I have experience with WordPress, Moodle, phpBB, MediaWiki, and YOURLS, but there are 100+ other applications that I’ve never used or seen, let alone installed and configured. I…

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Moving into month #2

Some assorted thoughts as I enter month #2 of my employment here at UMW: I have been here … for a month? I have been here FOR A MONTH. My perspective on this is short and narrow so far, but it seems strange that a liberal arts college would focus so aggressively on attracting more…

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Hypothes.is just might make the web relevant again.

RSS this, syndication that — my new colleagues here at DTLT have a torrid love affair with web feeds, and rightfully so. Of the media I consume online, probably 60% of it comes from the 113 sites I follow via my preferred RSS reader, with the other 40% consisting mainly of activity on Twitter, Netflix, and Hulu.…

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Well-behaved [minorities] seldom make history.

This spring has been a total whirlwind for me, on both professional and personal levels. Exhibit A: On March 2nd, I was sitting in an alumni leadership meeting at my alma mater, being briefed on the latest in a string of racist, homophobic, anti-semitic attacks on campus, and the actions the administration had been taking…

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Custom URL shortening with YOURLS

  In addition to getting the front-facing part of my website in order before this summer, I’ve been thinking about ways I can control (and keep the data from) more of my web-based infrastructure. Tim Owens has really been leading the way on this front, at least in my little corner of the internet; he…

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New digs for a new season

With an awesome new job on the horizon, one that not only encourages but demands regular reflection via blogging, I decided to take this weekend and get my digital house in order. When I started building my portfolio last spring, I expected to run both that and my blog off my RyanBrazell.net. After a few…

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