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This week I created a google doc with all of the Radio Ambulante episodes that can be used in the Spanish language classroom.  The document has the name of the episode, the length, the country it is about (or the where the storytellers are from) and whether there is a transcript on the website (hooray, all of the episodes have transcripts now!)

What it needs now is tags.  Tags as in keywords, identifying info about each episode, that would be helpful to other teachers who are trying to learn a little more about which episodes to use in their classes.

I have also made a column for Trigger Warnings.  Oh yes I know that this has been controversial in HigherEd.  Here is why I suggest it: my students this semester suggested it after they listened to “Postal de Juárez.”  They were fine, but my students suggested that others might not be.  So I made the column.

I will leave the document open.  Please help me to make this a helpful tool for all of us!

Click here for the link!

If you missed my presentation at ACTFL on how to use Radio Ambulante in the Spanish classroom, here is the link to my handout.

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