Turn On, Tune In, Make Radio at SWALLT 2014

This afternoon, Barbara Sawhill and I are running a workshop at this year’s SWALLT conference, hosted by our awesome colleague Michael Samojlik at UCLA’s Center for Digital Humanities. Because we never do anything the expected way, this is not a presentation in the standard sense. Instead of talking to attendees about the experience Barbara and her class had while producing a weekly radio show last Fall, we’ll be actually creating a radio show — learning the technology, coming up with a theme, and recording content — within 60 minutes.

We’re running the workshop as a hands-on experience because we think it’s important for attendees to recognize that the technology of creating a radio show doesn’t need to be intimidating, because that’s really not the difficult part of the process. So, to support attendees in taking these ideas (and hopefully the excitement) back to their campuses, I’ve created a handout (see below) that covers some of the technical pieces of the process, and Barbara has written an extensive blogpost covering the pedagogical questions that faculty members should consider.

This is our first time running a workshop on this topic, so the handout will probably be revised as we talk about this in the future. In the meantime, we welcome your comments, questions, and/or snide remarks!

Download the PDF here

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