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Starting October 3rd (tomorrow!): LLU Live

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Back in the day, the LLU crew organized, broadcast, and recorded a podcast series covering the intersections between language learning and technology. It’s been almost six years (!!) since our last broadcast, and we’ve been missing the sense of community, and the ability to connect regularly with our colleagues around the country, that grew out of those biweekly sessions. As a result, we’re debuting a new series, tentatively entitled LLU Live.

LLU Live is a short and informal weekly gathering, loosely organized around a particular theme. This is not a webinar, however; each week’s host will be responsible for picking the topic, but ultimately it’s up to whomever’s in the room to decide where the conversation goes. We won’t promise to solve the world’s problems, but we will promise to keep it short. Because your time and ours is in short supply, each LLU Live will be about 20 minutes in length or less.

I’ll be hosting our first gathering tomorrow, October 3rd, at 4PM Eastern. In a nod to Virginia’s perilous highway on- and off-ramps, the topic for this week’s gathering is “Merge or Die,” and we’ll probably spend most of the time just figuring out how the heck Google+ Hangouts On Air works. For instructions on how to connect, check the Live Events page.

UPDATE: the archived recording is now available, below:

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