Moving into month #2

dtlt-plusSome assorted thoughts as I enter month #2 of my employment here at UMW:

  1. I have been here … for a month?
  2. I have been here FOR A MONTH.
  3. My perspective on this is short and narrow so far, but it seems strange that a liberal arts college would focus so aggressively on attracting more men by de-emphasizing its past as a women’s college. I’m coming from a community that errs on the side of overselling its commitment to progressive education, so that’s a big change. Also, seeing an entire organization try to butch itself up is amusing to no end.
  4. TimAndyMartha, and Jim are even more ridiculously creative and talented than they appear from afar.
  5. Adventures in anxiety, part 1: whenever a super cool project comes up, my first reaction is “I would love to do that, but I have all this other stuff to finish before I can tackle that.” And then I take a deep breath and realize: nope, those cool projects ARE my job. Sure, there is administrative and support stuff to do as well, but it’s like 10-25% of my job, instead of 95%. Another big change.
  6. Moodle who?
  7. Adventures in anxiety, part 2: when I think about doing presentations to classes starting next week, my impostor syndrome kicks in and says “OMG I have only been here for a month! I have no idea what I’m doing!” And then I take a deep breath and realize: nope, I have been using WordPress for 8 years and have more than enough experience talking to classes to knock those out. I need to do a little prep for each class to review what has been done in previous years, but I got this.
  8. Blogging on work time (it is quite literally a part of my job description, yo) feels like cheating.

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