SpinTX: Open and Authentic Spanish language videos for teaching and learning

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SpinTX from COERLL at UT-Austin

I am constantly on the look-out for resources of authentic Spanish language.  As I mentioned before Radio Ambulante is a goldmine of interesting, beautifully produced audio stories from  different parts of the Spanish speaking world.

SpinTX is a goldmine as well: it is an archive of  short video interviews with Spanish language speakers who reside in Texas.  Created by COERLL at The University of Texas -Austin, the archive can be sorted by keyword, category, grammar point, and more. Transcripts and subtitling are also available.

Here is a brief video that explains some of the features of SpinTX:


COERLL’s mission is to create Open Educational Resources (OER)  for the study of languages. In addition, COERLL provides assistance to educators on ways to identify useful open resources (because let’s face it, not everything that is open is a great resource in the classroom). They also provide examples of  effective ways to use OER in teaching. COERLL hosts a series of webinars on these topics (and more) called Shareworthy (all of which are archived and available here).

SpinTX is in beta right now, which I imagine means the developers are working hard to respond to teachers’ feedback and questions.

Take a look, try it out, give COERLL your feedback, and share it with your students!



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