Complaint Choirs

‘Tis the season for choir sings and choral sings (and acapella sing offs, whee, that was fun).

Thanks to Ryan sending me the link to Larry Ferlazzo’s blog I discovered the Helsinki Complaint Choir and got a good giggle. A quick google search discovered many more language and culture specific Complaint Choirs. (who knew so many people had issues with toilet paper?). In any event, I thought you might enjoy these. Feel free to complaint/lament/comment and add links to others as you find them.

The Helsinki Complaint Choir:

The Florence Complaints Choir

The Complaints Choir of Tokyo: (love the masks)

The Complaints Choir of Birmingham (UK):

The Complaints Choir of Hamburg:

The Complaints Choir of Budapest:

The Complaints Choir of Jerusalem:

The Complaints Choir of St Petersburg: (with accordian!)

The Complaints Choir of Singapore (a public performance of which, apparently, was forbidden):

The Hong Kong Complaints Choir:

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