Greetings from the land of Green Tea Ice Cream

I continue to be baffled and amazed by air travel. I still can’t quite fathom how it is we can wake up in one place in the world and go to sleep in another…all in the same 24 hour period. I started my day today in Cleveland, Ohio and I ended it in Yokohama, Japan… and I say that not to be boastful but to say, wow, isn’t it amazing what a day can bring sometimes?

I am here in Japan at the invitation of the hosts of the 50th annual Japanese LET conference as a past president of IALLT. The current president and the future president of IALLT are here as well, all thanks to LET’s generosity. I have been asked to give a “special speech” on day two of their meeting, a talk I have entitled “We Have Been Changed For Good: Social Software, Language Teaching and Learning.” Once I finish pulling that together I will post it here.

Part of my delay in getting the preso done was because I wanted to try and understand a little bit about the context of the LET participants here, lest I make any wild generalizations that would be unhelpful and inappropriate (having sat through a few too many keynotes where the speaker did not know his/her audience, I know what that feels like). Any comments any of you can share about Japan, higher ed, preparing their graduates for the workforce, etc would be welcome.

But in the meantime, I have been up and awake for about 36 hours. It is time to sleep. More news from Japan soon…

Barbara is a Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at a small liberal arts college in Maine. Rumor has it this was also her alma mater. She used to work for a small liberal arts college in the cornfields of Ohio for almost 20 years as a teacher and language center director. Prior to these adventures in higher ed she taught high school Spanish and loved it. She wishes she had more time in her life to play with her dogs, write, read, swim, do yoga things and making stuff out of clay. To see her online portfolio please click here!

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