Is CALL a subset of Applied Linguistics?

I went to a very informative session this morning entitled “A Quality Analysis of CALL Journals“. One of the quickly apparent “givens” of the participants and attendees (hélas!) is that the CALL discipline is a subset of Applied Linguistics.

So I’m asking the question: Which discipline(s) inform the field we lovingly refer to as CALL (or TELL)?

My $0.02…What some in the profession fail to see is that TELL, which will eventually assimilate CALL as the dominate nomenclature for what “we do” (resistance is futile…), if it wishes to succeed in its assertion that it is a field unto itself, must simultaneously distinguish itself from applied linguistics, instructional technology, educational psychology and LIS while claiming all four (and perhaps others) as “alma maters”….NO MORE TURF WARS, FOLKS.


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Doug Canfield has been running an "other-minded" language center down in the Tennessee Hills for about 8 years. A lapsed (recovering?) medievalist and French teacher, his passion now involves emerging research paradigms for exploring language instruction and learning, especially in virtual worlds. His goals include fostering the use of technology for instruction, communication, collaboration, and recreation. His alter ego sometimes blogs elsewhere.


  1. itsalljustaride · March 22, 2008 Reply

    All i know is I’m boycotting acronyms. I’m calling this new society of mine “YAAALL” (which stands for “YAAALL is Against Acronym Abuse in Language Learning”).

  2. Doug · March 22, 2008 Reply

    Which is not to be confused with YALL (YouTube-Assisted Language Learning) or YELL (YouTube-Enhanced Language Learning), right?

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