Saturday Stuff: more free apps

Hello again from Denver! Here’s yet -another- list of free apps that I hope you find as interesting as I did …

  • bFree: a freeware program built by UNC-Chapel Hill that allows you to open a Blackboard course’s archive file, to view the documents in a usable file structure, and to extract files individually or in groups. A lifesaver if you need to make a backup of your course for posterity, or if you need to move the content elsewhere.
  • WebSnapr: instantly create a thumbnail image of a website, no software installation needed. Great if you need to post a thumbnail of a site to your blog, or give a support tech an idea of what you’re looking at when you say something “doesn’t work”. [via lifehacker]
  • Thumbalizr: similar to WebSnapr, but offers multiple screenshot sizes for you to choose from, without having to resize the images yourself. [via lifehacker]
  • PatchOnClick: Windows-only … allows you to create a “patch” file to update documents. From Lifehacker’s description of the product:

    Let’s say that you have a 50 meg MS Word document that consists of 300 pages. Let’s say, furthermore, that you sent this document to someone by email, but that after you did this you changed a few sentences and added a single page. Instead of re-sending your friend the entire document, wouldn’t it be great if you could send him/her a small 1-2 meg patch file that would simply append the older file and bring it up to speed? This is what PatchOnClick is designed to do.

Have a great weekend, folks – and GO INDIANS!

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