In lieu of a Tech-o Tuesday: six great web resources

I know, I know – it’s Tuesday and we haven’t had a new episode of Tech-o Tuesday in what seems like forever! Well, Felix and I have been incredibly busy and / or sick, but we’re scheduling the next episodes right now. In the meantime, I finally found an evening to sit down and read through my RSS feeds, and found a few links y’all might like:

  • Scriblink: online whiteboarding with phone conferencing (?) and multi-user chat (up to 5 people at a time). Web-based, with a “universal whiteboard” where you can draw with other randomly selected-Scriblink users, but the site doesn’t seem to be heavily trafficked, and the only supported browser on Macs is Safari (all browsers on PCs seem to work). [download squad, via digg]
  • You Convert It: web-based file conversion and file-sharing. Works with large files (a competitor, Zamzar, imposes a 100MB filesize limit), and makes sharing with others easy … just enter their email address. Converts to and from just about any file format and, weirdly enough, unit of measure (light, pressure, acceleration, etc). [via lifehacker]
  • OldApps: archives previous versions of popular freeware apps. Useful if the newest version of your favorite software is bloated, changed / removed features, starts charging, or otherwise leaves you longing for the old days. Also useful as a general listing if you’re looking for alternatives! [via lifehacker]
  • Downloadpedia and Softpedia: two great software repositories. Both offer lots of great open-source software and freeware; Softpedia offers donationware, shareware, and trial versions in addition to free programs, is better organized, and certifies certain software packages as “mal-ware free”. Much like SkyMall magazine, you will find TONS of crap you do NOT need but want with unreasonable passion. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😀
  • Rsizr: web-based photo cropping / resizing. It also does something called seam-carving (here’s an explanation of what that is) but how to do that isn’t very clear. It’s great, though, if you just need to crop a photo and don’t have Photoshop or want to deal with GIMP / GIMPshop. [via lifehacker]

Happy Tuesday, and we’ll see you soon with a new episode!

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  1. Pete · October 3, 2007 Reply

    Each of these a gem, in and of itself–hope the Texas traffic wasn’t all that Barbara described it to be!!

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