A late-night gem for your early-morning entertainment

I’m -supposed- to be working on a presentation we’re giving tomorrow … instead I’m checking my RSS feeds and surfing YouTube. Shhh, don’t tell Barbara! [Oh who am I kidding, she knows how big a dork I am.] But to make up for it, and in the spirit of many of the presentations we’ve seen the last couple of days, here’s a clever (and funny) send-up of Second Life. If you’ve never used SL, it may not make much sense. But if you’ve ever spent more than, oh, five seconds in-world, you’ll totally identify with this video, and hopefully will giggle fiendishly like me. 😀 See y’all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for tomorrow’s opening plenary …

[via cnet.com]

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  1. Barbara · June 23, 2007 Reply

    You’re busted.

    Worse still…I am still up!


  2. Ryan · June 23, 2007 Reply

    I am still wondering just how much sleep you got last night, Barbara…

    Doug: I wish I had found this a day or two sooner, and could have passed it on to you. It would have made a nice addition to your SL plenary from the other morning. 😀

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