LLU #14: Foreign Language Podcasting Initiatives

Last night’s show featured a conversation about Foreign Language Podcasting Initiatives with Barbara and our guests: Julio Rodriguez, Director of the Language Studies Resource Center at Iowa State University; Noelle Isenberg, Director of the Foreign Language Podcasting Studio and Director of the German Online Initiative at Penn State University, and Joe Dale, who joined us all the way from the Isle of Wight (at 1am his time)! Thanks to all who participated!

Access the downloadable file and chat log, or stream this episode using the built-in player:

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  1. N Isenberg · November 4, 2006 Reply

    To submit or read reviews of podcasts for language learning: http://yellow.la.psu.edu/flpodcasting/index.php?section=reviews

    This is part of the Podcasting for Language Learning Project:

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