It's not your 8th grade language lab anymore!

Digital Storytelling and the L2 Curriculum

I recently gave a talk on digital storytelling for the Associated Colleges of the South. The focus of the talk was to portray the range of possible activities for language learning. You can watch it here:

LLU Live #8: Workflows

This Thursday we will be talking about workflows: for class preparation, for dealing with e-mail, for organizing meetings,for writing an…

Mapping the Taiping Civil War

This semester I’ve been helping Susan Fernsebner, UMW professor extraordinare, with her section of HIST 297: History Colloquium. This course serves as “an introduction to the methods historians use to analyze the past,” and all three sections, each taught by a different member of the department, are focusing on digital skills not as an add-on, but as…

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A bed for a fairy

  I made mention of this activity that I did in class during Felix's LLU Live #5 about Games and…

Tag, You’re It: Language Learner Motivation, Identities and Agency in Computer Gaming Spaces

I was recently invited to give the fall keynote for the FLTP (Foreign Language Technology Program) at the fantastic ALTEC at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Here’s the video: And here’s what the talk is about: “Tag, You’re It: Language Learner Motivation, Identities and Agency in Computer Gaming Spaces” (Presentation available here) Research on […]

Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is an interesting and very creative iOS game available in English and German. Simply switch your iOS language settings and the game will load in the chosen language. There’s also an Android available. The game is a series of scenarios, each of which gives the player tasks that can be solved in a variety of […]
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