It's not your 8th grade language lab anymore!

A small game for teaching two-way prepositions

Teaching grammatical concepts like two-way prepositions can be difficult, especially translating the theoretical concept into meaningful and possibly even interesting or motivating exercises and tasks. I’ve always liked using small browser games in my classes to have students do something concrete and see the outcomes. Papert called these little helping tools “objects to think with,” […]

What is Praxis Anyway?

When I floated the trial balloon of blogging about my reflections while dissertating, our LLU doyenne replied (and I quote):…

ACTFL 2013 Plenary: The Tipping Point – Language Learning for a Changed World

In late November I had the pleasure to be on the plenary panel  The Tipping Point – Language Learning for a Changed World at ACTFL 2013 in Orlando, Florida. My 3 co-presenters were fantastic! All 4 of us had been invited by the ACTFL president to deliver an inspiring TED-style session. This was a format […]
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