Announcing ALTfest Radio

As part of the storytelling theme from this first annual ALTfest conference at VCU, Barbara and I would like to provide everyone within earshot the opportunity to contribute to ALTfest Radio. This is a homegrown radio show populated by ALTfest participants, whether virtual or in person.

We’re looking for people to contribute bumpers, station IDs (station name: ALTfest Radio), and segments around the theme of creativity. What is creativity? Where do you personally find creativity? Keep segments short, around 30 seconds if possible. Contributions can be quick and dirty (e.g. just you speaking into your mobile device), an interview with someone else, or you are welcome to get fancy with background audio and/or sound effects.

To submit content to the show, visit our DROPitTOme site and use the password “havoc” (without the quotes, of course). Around 12pm tomorrow (Thursday May 14th) we’ll collect all of the contributions, put together a short radio show, and air it on ds106radio (date/time TBD).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ryan has been proudly maintaining and contributing to Language Lab Unleashed since 2005, and is the current President of SWALLT. Since the summer of 2013 he's been causing trouble with his all-star colleagues in the UMW DTLT; when not wrangling websites Ryan can be found doing strange things with heavy objects.

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