LLU Live #6: Open Education Resources / Repositories for Language Teaching and Learning

Image thanks to Ed tech Chic: http://edtechchic.blogspot.com/2012/07/oer-open-educational-resources.html

Image thanks to Ed tech Chic:

Please join us at 4 p.m. EST on Thursday November 7th for the next LLU Live (number six!) when we will talk about Open Educational Resources/Repositories for Language Learning: where to find them, what they contain, and how people are using them in language teaching and learning.  If you have a resource you would like to share, or just want to join the conversation,  please join us!

A note to our non-US followers: Last weekend we turned our clocks BACK an hour.  Please check this page to see what time the live session will be where you are.

Information on how to join can be found here.  Can’t make it? Archived recordings from each week can be accessed on the Language Lab Unleashed YouTube channel. Full descriptions of each episode are also available here on the blog.

LLU Live shows are  not webinars… they are informal conversations surrounding a certain topic. Everyone is invited to share.  They are blissfully powerpoint-free and rarely last more than 30 minutes.

Is there a topic that you would like to chat about?  Please suggest it in the comment area and let us know!

UPDATE:  Here is a link to the recording of our get-together.  My thanks to ScottLo and Ana for coming on and staying up late  (from Saudi Arabia and Italy!) to chat with us.

Here are some of the links we posted in the chat window while we were talking:  Many thanks to Ryan for grabbing these links after I inadvertently closed the window…

This particular LLU Live was a technological challenge for me this week. I appreciate the help and support  — and patience — from all involved!

Flickr Commons Feed: http://www.indicommons.org/tools/#custom-flickr-commons-feeds

HUMBOX http://humbox.co.uk

Tom Woodwards’s “A Non-Definition of OER” http://bionicteaching.com/?p=2823

5 card flickr as well: http://5card.cogdogblog.com/play.php?suit=5card

Alan Levine’s Pecha Flickr: http://pechaflickr.cogdogblog.com/

Hangout from January 2012 demonstrating Pecha Flickr with Vance Stevens and Jeff Lebow: http://scottlo.com/slices-of-life/slices-of-life-046-paris-jaurez-chiba/

COERLL http://www.coerll.utexas.edu/coerll/

LORO http://loro.open.ac.uk/

DOTS http://dots.ecml.at/

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