Electronic Sign-up Sheets, Forms, and Scheduling


The summer is over, and after finishing an article and working on some language center design work I’m ready to blog again. This post is all about saving you time.

Signing people up can be a big hassle. Let’s say you want to schedule oral exams or have students each pick a certain topic from a list. Your options range from sign-up sheets to technical tools like a wiki. If you want to find a common time to meet, there are other tools that are good for that. I generally use timebridge, but I know some who prefer doodle. And then there are always google forms, a tool which is very eratile and has a number of other uses, such as surveys or quizzes. Singupgenius is a another simple way to save time by having students sign up for oral exams, or pick up a unique topic, or schedule individual meetings or office hours. There are many features, like a swapping feature, selectable number of slots (e.g. if 2 students sign up for one slot), a commenting feature, an RSVP feature,a  mobile interface, automatic reminders, optional password protection etc. It is free with only minimal ads. Those who sign up do not have to create an account.

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Felix Kronenberg is working at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. His research interests include academic space design, video games and language learning, digital storytelling, and the culture of advertising. He teaches German and language pedagogy, and maintains the Language Technology Boot Camp blog and web site.

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