Scheduling Meetings with Students: Tungle

Summer is a great time to finally tackle some of the issues that I added to my “do later” list in my to-do manager throughout the year. One such item was:

  • Find ways to make scheduling meetings with students, faculty, and staff easier.

I’ve been using timebridge for about two years now, and have been very happy. It is fantastic, and it saved me countless hours, and possibly my sanity. But one problem is that I have to be the one to initiate the meeting and suggest times. But what if a student wants to met with me? So far I’ve told them to send me an e-mail. Of course then I have to at least check my calendar and send an answer back, if all goes well. If not, a back-and-forth of e-mails ensues.

In comes tungle. After feeding the system my calendar dates and preferences, anyone who wishes to meet with me can “grab” some time slots and the system alerts me. In theory this should work great, and I’ve tested it with friends, so hopefully this will save me some more minutes during the hectic weeks of the upcoming semester. First test: scheduling sessions with my advisees. I’ll keep you posted.

And if you wish to see how this works, here’s a preview on my faculty page.

Felix Kronenberg is working at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. His research interests include academic space design, video games and language learning, digital storytelling, and the culture of advertising. He teaches German and language pedagogy, and maintains the Language Technology Boot Camp blog and web site.

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