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February 20, 2009: On Fridays, my students in HISP 205 have decided that we should play games…games that stimulate thinking and conversation in Spanish.

They had a couple of suggestions like Taboo.

I was thinking more diabolical thoughts… thanks to the games like those played at UMW Faculty Academy: aka Deck Wars(scroll to the middle of this page to watch the mayhem)

My thanks and praise to the folks at the nmc (hmmmm…. cog dog? Did you make this happen?) for creating this wonderful little digital story telling generation tool called Five Card Flickr…it allows you to pull together fotos from a common, shared pool of pix, and then encourages you to write a story.

Or, as we did in class, they tell a story outloud and I type it in to the box.

Here is our Five Card Flickr Story!

Now it was just happenstance and just blind luck that the first pic we pulled up happened to really truly be of me (oh my) hence the Teacher as Protagonist storyline

In any event… enjoy! And please feel free to share any other conversation generating tools!

Barbara is a Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at a small liberal arts college in Maine. Rumor has it this was also her alma mater. She used to work for a small liberal arts college in the cornfields of Ohio for almost 20 years as a teacher and language center director. Prior to these adventures in higher ed she taught high school Spanish and loved it. She wishes she had more time in her life to play with her dogs, write, read, swim, do yoga things and making stuff out of clay. To see her online portfolio please click here!

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  1. Jim · February 20, 2009 Reply

    That’s brilliant, what an amazing tool this is for a fun, creative, and challenging oral exercise. Very, very intelligent use of it, time to bring it to the languages department at UMW. It is all about recursion, I guess.

  2. bsawhill · February 20, 2009 Reply

    Well thank you Rev for the kind comments…their homework for this weekend is to grab a friend and make another story and link it to our class site.

    We shall see what emerges/erupts!

  3. Barbara · February 21, 2009 Reply

    Heh, speaking of jimgroom and cogdog…this is one of my student’s creations. Enjoy!


  4. Joseph Kautz · August 27, 2009 Reply

    I really love this!!! I want to share it with our incoming Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants this weekend. I was a little perturbed that flickr (Yahoo actually) is requiring registrants to give credit card account numbers in order to verify age. As far as other tools for digital storytelling, YouTube’s annotation tools are about as close as I can imagine to how “video paper” should work. YouTube flakiness aside, they allow for quick and easy hypertext integration to my clips. I also just discovered Photo Booth’s BURST mode which takes 4 pictures in quick succession. Two students behind IMac webcams yield gorgeous drop shadowed results that resemble cartoon frames. Thanks for the flickr tip! Joseph Kautz – Stanford Digital Language Lab

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