The Inaugural LLU Link Roundup!

well we have just been a talkative bunch here on LLU the last couple of months, haven’t we? we have lots to talk about; it’s just a matter of finding the time to do it. case in point: i have several links i’d like to shares, including a couple of web-based multimedia repositories, one gadget site’s tongue-in-cheek technological solution that will cure what ails education, and some giggles. instead of doing a full write-up on each (which may NEVER get done), i present to you LLU’s first friday link roundup:

  • one million freely licensed photos of the british isles: the idea is to get one photo from each square kilometer.
  • livestation: bringing streaming television (including some foreign language and international programming) to all platforms.
  • education’s many problems solved with multitouch desks: even gadget lovers recognize technology is not a cure-all.
  • superstruct: imagine the world in 2019 … then collaborate with others in real life and online to save it from superthreats! according to clay shirky, if we redirected all the energy and mental hours spent playing WoW around the world, we could recreate wikipedia every five days. yes you read that right … every FIVE days. superstruct is built around the idea that we can do just that … it’s a game but it’s not just for gamers … it’s for intelligent people who like to think and be productive, and maybe even help solve threats to society in the process.
  • a bra’s tale: detour on a daughter’s trip abroad: i recommend listening to the podcast at the top of the story before reading the article, which contains a much less funny transcription. also: i burst into laughter on the train while listening to this. be forewarned.
  • song for sarah: thanks to barbara ganley for tweeting about this wonderful student video on youtube. the full title? “vlad and friend boris presents ‘Song for Sarah’ for mrs. Palin.” LOLZ.
  • realtime information is now! just for giggles, a glimpse at how the public transport system here in SF uses technology. san francisco: the city that knows how (to suck at technology?).
  • outbound: speaking of SF public transport, one of the reasons i’ve been so quiet here is because i’ve been working on a new idea and a new blog, chronicling my daily commute in photo form. a certain caped crusader recently joined me as well. come check it out; we’d love to have you!

have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

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