Live from CALICALLT 2008

If you’re interested in following the goings-on at CALICO w/ IALLT 2008, there are several options:

1) The #iallt tweme, both at Hashtags and Twemes
2) Felix, Barbara, Doug and I will might be taking turns live-blogging here on the site.
3) The IALLT Learning Ning.

Are you at CALICO w/ IALLT and taking notes somewhere? Let us know so we can add you!

Ryan has been proudly maintaining and contributing to Language Lab Unleashed since 2005, and is the current President of SWALLT. Since the summer of 2013 he's been causing trouble with his all-star colleagues in the UMW DTLT; when not wrangling websites Ryan can be found doing strange things with heavy objects.

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  1. Barbara · March 20, 2008 Reply

    Trying to see if Covert it Live will let us all blog at the same time.


  2. Dick Feldman · March 21, 2008 Reply

    BYU has built a terrific online TV recording and delivery service. But their biggest service may be finally getting a court case for educational use of commercial video. That’s a service we should all be thankful for.

    Maybe not relevant in all this excitement about LLT, but is anyone interested in riding bikes across the bridge and taking the ferry back Sat. afternoon? Contact me if so, at
    Dick Feldman

  3. Ryan · March 22, 2008 Reply

    Hi Dick!

    Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to attend the BYU TV session yesterday but you’re right, they are at the forefront of educational online video delivery.

    Just one slight correction – biking is ALWAYS relevant. 😉

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