Language Technology Boot Camp

I wanted to inform you of an exciting project that we are currently working on: the Language Technology Boot Camp project.

Everybody can join us or just use the materials that will be made available.
Those of you from NITLE institutions can attend the grant-funded conference:

Language Technology Boot Camp

With this grant-funded project, the Language Technology Boot Camp, co-sponsored by Occidental College, we will further develop the language-assistant training that began at Pomona College in 2005. At this conference we will develop a high quality, self-contained training program. It will be selective, open-source and adaptable for various settings.

The Conference will take place April 10-13, 2008.

Participants will be asked to contribute to this project before, during, and after this conference.

The grant covers the participants’ expenses for the conference, including flights, hotel, and food. The application deadline is January 5, 2008. Participants must be from a NITLE member institution.

Please visit for further information, contact information, questions, comments, and suggestions.

Felix Kronenberg is working at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. His research interests include academic space design, video games and language learning, digital storytelling, and the culture of advertising. He teaches German and language pedagogy, and maintains the Language Technology Boot Camp blog and web site.

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