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Suppose I’m at a conference (ACTFL, CALICO, IALLT, etc.) and need to teach a course back at my institution while at the conference, and decide to have my students virtually attend a conference session and be able to send questions for me to ask the session panelists. You have your standard, garden-variety ways to make this happen (Breeze Meeting, Tegrity, Elluminate, Live Classroom, Centra), but they are pricey, and even if you have the luxury of being at an institution that has one of these tools, the result is always a bit disembodied and nowhere near as fulfilling as face-to-face. Second Life would be a great answer to this lack, but I can’t get the Real-Life session into my Second Life class.

Or can I?

Veodia is a third-party tool that wasn’t built for Second Life, but it turns out that with a few clicks on their website, I’m able to stream live video onto a projector screen that I own in Second Life. The picture below taken in SL is of a live video stream from a laptop/webcam in my office into Second Life. My avatar, Rockytop Berchot, seems to be enjoying the show:

Visit Veodia and sign up for a trial account. You’ll marvel at how easy it is to set this up. Basically, as soon as you start your live feed, Veodia will display an RTSP link that you can apply to your SL video texture (on land that you own as explained here).No doubt you will find uses galore for your trial account!

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Doug Canfield has been running an "other-minded" language center down in the Tennessee Hills for about 8 years. A lapsed (recovering?) medievalist and French teacher, his passion now involves emerging research paradigms for exploring language instruction and learning, especially in virtual worlds. His goals include fostering the use of technology for instruction, communication, collaboration, and recreation. His alter ego sometimes blogs elsewhere.

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  1. Barbara · November 15, 2007 Reply

    Thanks Doug for getting the (SL) party started here. Keep it coming!

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