Howdy! from Texas

Good morning LLU readers!

This weekend Felix and I are in Sherman, TX, attending a NITLE event at Austin College called ‘Technology and the Language House Curriculum’. We gave 4 hours worth of tag-team technology sessions yesterday; today I’m [mostly] off the hook but Felix has two technology sessions yet to give. Hooray for Felix! 🙂 Right now, Pat Pecoy from Furman University is speaking about Photo Story, a free PC-only program that makes it super easy for students to tell stories digitally, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

For any of you who might be (or have been, by the time you read this) at this conference, please keep an eye open to this site for links to all the resources Felix and I spoke about during Friday’s sessions, and then some. We also have a few Tech-o Tuesday episodes planned to talk about some of the things we skipped, and to go further into detail on what we did talk about. Please contact us if you have something you want to hear, or something you want to say!

Last thing: I’d like to give thanks to the Austin College tech staff. They have been simply marvelous from the beginning – everything from installing software in a lab so everyone could have access, to hanging around to make sure our network / projection / sound systems worked, to being generally fabulous. It’s been a great experience so far thanks to them!

Felix and I will be posting more soon … for now, here are some photos from the conference. Have a good morning, y’all!

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