Blackboard and the US Patent Office, Part 1

I was -just- making my way off the computer when I ran across this press release:

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 26, 2006–Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ:BBBB), a leading provider of enterprise software and services to the education industry, announced that it has been issued a U.S. patent for technology used for internet-based education support systems and methods. The patent covers core technology relating to certain systems and methods involved in offering online education, including course management systems and enterprise e-Learning systems.

In addition, patents corresponding with the U.S. patent have been issued in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and are pending in the European Union, China, Japan, Canada, India, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Hong Kong and Brazil.


“For nearly a decade, Blackboard has been a thought leader in the e-Learning industry and has developed products that have helped to fundamentally alter how educational institutions and their educators teach and communicate with students,” said Michael Chasen, CEO of Blackboard.

A thought leader? Products that have helped to fundamentally alter what, now? OMG WTF Are You Kidding Me.

(Part 2 of my response, coming up after I pick my jaw up off the floor.)

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