Just in time for the holidays: new toys!

Over the next month or so, we’ll be rolling out several new tools in the Lab for small-scale testing, including self-hosted blogging using 10.4 Server and WordPress Multiuser, class wikis using MediaWiki (the wiki software behind Wikipedia), and Skype. We’ve been using Skype for a while from our respective homes (see the last few EdTechTalk brainstorms), but we still have some networking issues to resolve before we can continue skyping in Arabic from the Lab.

Ryan has been proudly maintaining and contributing to Language Lab Unleashed since 2005, and is the current President of SWALLT. Since the summer of 2013 he's been causing trouble with his all-star colleagues in the UMW DTLT; when not wrangling websites Ryan can be found doing strange things with heavy objects.

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